Adult Resources

On the Town of Greene's website you can find forms, maps, and registration renewals for your automobile or recreational vehicle! Click here to find out more about the Town Office's hours, location, and more!

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msad 52 adult ed.png

MSAD 52 Adult Education allows adults in Greene, Leeds, and Turner to continue their education. Click the image to contact them and see what you can learn!

FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) is for people who wish to continue their education but can't afford it on their own. Click the image to start an application today, or to learn more!

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Pine Tree Legal is a nonprofit organization that provides free legal services for people in need. Click the image to find out more!

Medline Plus is a free service provided by the National Library of Medicine (NLM). Here, you can use this resource to find information about existing conditions, specific body parts, medicines and more!

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MaineCat is a statewide catalog that allows you to search nearly 8 million items from libraries all across Maine! 

Library Use Calculator allows you to calculate how much you've saved yourself and your family by using our library. Enter in a number in the appropriate fields to find out how much you saved!