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What else can I do at the library?

Aside from books and DVDs, we also have a collection of hands-on items that can either be used in the library or borrowed to use at home. These items include crafts, science and technology items and kits to help you explore the outdoors. These items were purchased with funds from a generous grant from the Stephen & Tabitha King Foundation.

Orion Starblast Telescope


Have you ever wanted to see Jupiter's moons or the rings around Saturn? Borrow our new telescope and give it a try for yourself.

The telescope comes with a kit that includes set-up instructions, star gazing guide and a headlamp.

Patrons who want to borrow the telescope must be willing to sign a technology borrowing agreement with a $20 refundable deposit, and must have a library card in "good standing" for at least 90 days prior to borrowing.

Leap Frog Telescope

Have children who want to look at the moon or the constellations?  Perhaps they are a little too young for the Orion Starblast Telescope?  We have just the ticket!  We have a Leap Frog Telescope available.

Patrons who want to borrow this telescope must be willing to sign a technology borrowing agreement with a $5 refundable deposit, and must have a library card in "good standing" for at least 30 days prior to borrowing.

Canon DSLR Cameras


Take a step beyond point and click photography with one of our DSLR cameras. We have two cameras available, both come with one 18-55mm lens and one 75-300mm lens, memory chip, battery charger and instruction manual.

Patrons who want to borrow a camera must be willing to sign a technology borrowing agreement and must have a library card in good standing for at least 90 days prior to borrowing.

Flashforge 3-D Printer


What would you like to print? It's easier than you think. Read our full guidelines for use of the 3-D printer here.


You can start a design from any computer or tablet. Just create an account at to get started. Tinkercad will walk you through the basics of creating a shape or give you ideas to start with from their shape galleries. You can also try Sketchup or Blender if you're ready for more advanced designing.

We do charge a small fee to use the printer and there are size and print time restrictions, so please read the guidelines before you submit a file for printing.

Our 3-D printer in action!

Microscope and slides


This microscope comes with 100 slides for you to examine. Kids will need parental supervision to use the microscope as slides are made of glass. 

The microscope also has a digital camera that can be used with a library laptop if you want to have a larger view.




The shoes are all the WinterWalker brand from LLBean and are sized by body weight. 


We have the following sizes: 

16" fits 25-60 lbs                   

19" fits 50-100 lbs                   

21" fits 80-150 lbs                 

22" fits 80-150 lbs

26" fits 120-200 lbs

30" fits 170-250 lbs

36" fits 200-280 lbs

Weaving kit


Our beginner loom comes with a project ready for you to start.

The kit includes the loom, two heddles, a shuttle and basic instructions. If you absolutely love weaving, we have several books in the collection that will help you build your skills.

Bird watching kits


Get out there and see what you can find! Each kit comes with a pair of binoculars, a quick bird ID pamphlet, a bigger National Audubon bird guide and a birding journal that you can fill out and keep when you are done with the kit.

There are two kits available for use, only one kit allowed per family at a time.

Board Games


Board games can be borrowed to play at home or played in the library. 

Jigsaw Puzzles


We have a large collection of jigsaw puzzles that can be borrowed with unlimited renewals. 

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