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Back in March, we submitted an application to the Stephen & Tabitha King Foundation for funding to add a MakerSpace to the library. Well, just as we reopened our doors in June, we found out that we had been successful and received $9000 towards our project! After being closed for almost 3 months due to Covid-19, it was truly wonderful news!

During the next few months, we'll be purchasing a ton of awesome stuff for our library with this funding. We've already ordered the new telescope and will be ordering a microscope, snow shoes (enough pairs to outfit a whole family), a digital SLR camera with zoom lens, a 3-D printer, a mini loom, a SnapCircuits set, and a bunch of other cool hands-on stuff that anyone will be able to use in the library or check out to use at home. We also plan to set some funds aside for the post-Covid world when we can all gather safely again and have author visits and other events at the library.

We hope everyone is surviving out there and can visit the library when they need to. Don't forget that we are also offering curbside service if you are in the higher risk category for Covid-19 and don't want to enter the building.

Happy Reading!

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