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Back in March, we submitted an application to the Stephen & Tabitha King Foundation for funding to add a MakerSpace to the library. Well,...

Maine Bicentennial Projects

We're getting rolling on our projects to celebrate the Maine's bicentennial year. We'll be working with the Greene Historical Society to...

So who was Julia, anyway? 

Julia Adams Morse was born in Greene in 1838 and lived here until she died in 1927 at the age of 89. According to The History of the Town of Greene (Mower, 1991, pg. 432), she 'was a woman of quite unusual proclivities. She held to the last her strong, active, independent mind, read much and became well 

informed concerning current events.' She married Stephen L Morse in 1860 and their son Frank left the funds to the town of Greene that established the Julia Adams Morse Memorial Library. Your friendly library staff blog here in her name to help preserve her memory and to encourage our neighbors to read much and maintain strong, independent, informed minds. 

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